Best Hawker Centres Restaurants in East Coast

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Singapore team

Hawker Centres are sheltered but non-air-conditioned areas where different “hawkers” operate food stalls. Its one of the popular places where locals eat. Singaporeans love their food and eating out three times a day is very common.

And it really is no wonder - the food is usually excellent, the choice is huge with a variety of Indian, Chinese and Malay dishes on offer and prices are extremely affordable with the average meal costing between SGD 3 and 12. There are many Hawker Centres throughout the city, some of which have several hundred food stalls under their roof. They are usually busy from morning to evening and offer a fantastic opportunity to mingle with locals. We have put together a selection of the most popular Hawker Centre with a list of the top food stalls under their roof. Locals are used to queue at food stalls for the most popular dishes. With the smart phone app of TickTok you can plan ahead.