Festival: Mid-Autumn

Mid-Autumn Festival

Each year in September, during the 8th lunar month of the year, Singapore celebrates the colorful and vibrant Mid-Autumn Festival. Also known as Mooncake Festival as the moon appears at its fullest and brightest during that month, the Mid-Autumn Festival is an event that brings chinese families together to celebrate their version of "Thanksgiving".

Chinatown displays thousands of colorful and bright lanterns during this month. There are cultural performances such as acrobatics and mask changing-shows, a form of Sichuan opera, throughout the streets. Bazaars offer festive delicacies such as mooncakes and pomelos. And the huge lantern displays in Eu Tong Sen Street and at the open field in Banda Street light up the eyes of both children and adults.

The Mid-Autumn Festival can be enjoyed at various places throughout Singapore. And even though Chinatown is one of the most favorite locations for Singaporeans to gather during th Mid-Autumn Festival, we also recommend the Chinese Garden in Jurong / Western Singapore even though there is an entrance fee of SGD 12 (adults) and SGD 8 (children). With nightly shows such as Sichuan Acrobatic Show, fireworks and beautiful silk lanterns around the lake, the Lantern Festival in the Chinese Garden will delight especially families with smaller children. Easy to reach by MRT or taxi, it is also a great location for childrens to run freely and to enjoy a picnic. 

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