As a visitor to Singapore, your most convenient way to get around is to grab a cab! How comforting it is for an exhausted and disoriented visitor to be taken care of by a friendly and helpful fellow.

At the airport, an English-speaking taxi driver will courteously load up your luggage, then offer some friendly chat to put you at ease. You're free to relax and enjoy the ride in a safe, clean and roadworthy vehicle: secure seatbelts, refreshing air conditioning and soft radio are standards in Singapore.

There are three methods for catching a taxi.

1. Hailing along the road
With a large fleet of more than 26,000 vehicles, it’s so easy to stand alongside the road and flag down a taxi, usually within minutes. Yet it may sometimes happen that a taxi won’t stop, in spite of your desperate hailing! This might be because that particular taxi driver is not available at the moment. There are also strict rules drivers must follow.

You can recognize whether a vehicle is available by checking its roof-top sign.


  Roof-top sign   Meaning
  Taxi   available
  Shift   changing shift
  Hired/Busy   not available
  On Call   not available, booked




A taxi is not allowed to stop
- On any road in the Central Business District, where public busses are operating
- At bus stops
- Along bus service routes during operational hours
- Along road lanes with double zig-zag lines

2. Queuing at a taxi stand
If you can’t find an available cab passing by, or your location is not suitable for hailing, you may have to wait in line at one of the many taxi stands. At the airport for instance, you’ll find a taxi stand in the Arrival Hall of each terminal. In the city, all shopping centers, hotels and office buildings have a taxi stand.

3. Booking through the phone or Internet
Another option is to call one of the taxi operators and book a taxi. You need your exact location or else, if booking through sms, to allow access to your location.

You can also book through iPhone, Android and Smartphone.

Simply download one of several apps available from the iTunes App Store or Android Market. Some Apps are Singapore Taxi, SMRT Book a Taxi, ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking.

  4-seater taxis   Hotline   Website
  Comfort, CityCab   6552 1111
  Prime Taxi   6778 0808
  SMRT Taxi   6555 8888
  Trans-Cab   6555 3333
  Premier Taxis   6363 6888


  7-seater taxis      Hotline   Internet booking
  Maxi Cab   6535 3534
  Limo Taxi Cab   8388 3885


Taxi Fare
Taxis in Singapore are relatively cheap, compared with rates in the US and European countries. Best of all, fares are closely regulated and all taxis are metered, based on the distance travelled, plus a flag-down rate of S$3.00 –S$5.00, depending of the type of taxi.

Some additional surcharges may be applied, such as additional fees for advance booking, calling a taxi and for peak hours.



Booking fees for standard taxis

  Monday - Friday   6:00am to 9:30am S$3.30
  Monday - Friday   6:00pm to midnight S$3.30
  Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays   6:00pm to midnight S$3.30
  At all other times   S$2.30
  Advance bookings   S$5.20 – 10.00

Booking fees for peak hour

  Monday to Friday   6:00am - 9:30am (except Public Holidays)   25% of metered fare
    Midnight - 5:59am   50% of metered fare

Booking fees for special locations

  Changi Airport & Changi Air Freight Centre,
  Airport Police Station, Airport Logistics Park
S$3.00 to S$5.00
depending on time
  Seletar Airport S$3.00
  Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa S$3.00 Sun & Public Holidays
and from 6:00am to 4:59pm
  Singapore Expo Centre S$2.0

Card payment
Unlike some other countries, in Singapore you won’t be charged for extra luggage, or if you’ve forgotten to withdraw some cash at the airport. That’s okay, as most taxis accept credit and charge card payments (with 10% administrative charge for credit cards and S$0.30 for Ez-link , NETS, NETS FlashPay, or EPINS payments).

more information about taxi fares.

Taxis in Singapore are incredibly efficient and easy to hail, except during rush hours (8:00-9:00 and 17:00-19:00), and when taxi drivers are changing shifts. Otherwise they work hard to help make your stay in Singapore as enjoyable and stress free as possible!


For information about accessibility in taxi cabs, please read our dedicated page, Handicap Accessible Travel.


Here a few personal tips

  • Some taxi drivers only know the way to the major hotels, and are not very familiar with the rest of Singapore. It is best to be prepared to give some guidance, or a landmark near the place you want to go.
  • Inform the driver of your preferred route at the beginning of your journey.
  • Most taxis are four-seaters (four adults). Three children younger than 12 years are considered equivalent to two adults.

  • Smoking, drinking and eating are not allowed in the taxi.
  • Black Chrysler cabs have a flag-down rate of SGD 5.
  • Fastening your seatbelt is compulsory - if you fail to do so, you risk a fine of SGD 300!
  • You may want to ask for a receipt, in case of lost belongings, or if you wish to lodge a complaint.

Filing a complaint
In case you are extremly unhappy about the service of a driver, you can contact the taxi companies.

  Taxi Company   Hotline   Email
  Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd   6552 4525
  CityCab Pte Ltd   6552 4525
  SMRT Taxis Pte Ltd   Ask SMRT - 1800 3368 900
  Trans-Cab Services Pte Ltd   6555 3333
  Premier Taxis Pte Ltd   3476 3033
  Smart Automobile Pte Ltd   6485 7777
  Prime Car Rental Pte Ltd   6778 0808