Travelling by bus offers the cheapest and easiest access to every part of the city-state. From basic to special bus services, you’re sure to enjoy your travelling experience in our clean, comfortable and usually air-conditioned vehicles.

How to get around

Mainly run by the two operators SBS Transit Ltd and SMRT Buses Ltd, the bus network uses Contactless SmartsCards (CSC) as a mode of ticket payment. For more information, please read the ticketing section on our rail transit page.

Using a journey planner tool will help you optimize your route and learn about bus times and fares.

How to use a pass

As you enter the front passenger door of the bus, tap your pass on the reader you'll find in front of you. A green light accompanied with a beep sound will indicate a successful read process. Press the bell before reaching your destination, to signal the driver that you wish to alight. 

When you have reached your destination, tap your pass on the reader before you disembark; this completes the recording process and recognizes your bus fare as paid.

Operating hours

Basic bus services run from 5.00am till 12.00 midnight.
Am peak hours: 6.30am to 8.30am; Pm peak hours: 5.00pm to 7.00pm

The bus frequency depends on the bus line and is usually displayed at each bus stop.

Special bus services

If you want to use the bus after midnight discover some parks or use premium services you may use special bus services offered by the two main operators.
SMRT special bus services
SBS Transit Basic Plus bus services





Free shuttle bus

In order to facilitate your shopping experience, a free shuttle bus service is available to hop you from one mall to another. A delightful treat for any shopaholic!

From Great World City to
Orchard MRT - Bus stops in front of Lucky Plaza (pick-up & drop-off point)
Mondays to Sundays - Estimated departure time:
Extra shuttle on Saturdays, Sundays,
Public Holidays & Eve of Public Holidays:

City Hall MRT - Bus stops in front of Adelphi (pick-up & drop-off point)
Mondays to Sundays - Estimated departure time:

Chinatown MRT - Bus stops in front of Blk 34 (pick-up & drop-off point)
Monday to Sunday - Estimated departure time:

Daily schedules are subject to traffic conditions, and may change without prior notice.

Inappropriate behaviors are severely penalized on Singapore's busses, just as they are aboard trains:

  • No smoking
  • No vandalism
  • No assault on the bus captain
  • No payment or under-payment: Fine S$20
  • Misuse of concession card: Fine S$50

more information


For information on accessibility, please visit our dedicated page on Handicap Accessible Travel.


Here you can find more information about safety in the bus.